Monday, March 2, 2009

NWPodcast #103 - Roadkill Recycling... !

We've been working on this podcast for a while now... not your regular 'course of fare', either! We're going to talk about skinning and tanning fur - but before you call PETA and report us, hear us out. We are using roadkill - recycling the fur off animals that would normally go to waste. Its actually alot of fun if you pick the right one ;-)

This time of year fur-bearing animals have beautiful pelts. There are lots of raccoon, squirrels, rabbits, even skunks, and this year we even found a river otter. Score! The kids have a great time learning new and useful skills while appreciating the beautiful animals we work with.

In this podcast we'll talk you through the basics while we skin, salt, tan, and care for our roadkill treasures. It really doesn't take alot of work, or alot of money to do. And because this is a family channel, we keep it all rated-PG... no blood or gore.
This podcast is a little longer... about 23 minutes / 23MB in size.

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