Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CCA Meeting

I attended the monthly CCA meeting last night. First time in a a while... usually have church meetings that preclude me from attending. Gary Loomis presented at the meeting - another rally cry to get membership and push the political agenda.

I don't care for any lobby groups because of the radical-ism our country is plagued by, but I am a member of CCA. There has to be something done to save the Salmon/Fish resources of the Northwest, and its obvious that the State of Oregon is NOT interested in looking at the data or a viable (sustainable) solution. Of all the lobby groups - Federal or State - CCA makes the most sense, and is truly committed to saving the fish.

The 4 issues for the fish are Harvest, Hatcheries, Habitat, and Hydro (Dams). Over-harvesting by non-selective equipment (Gill nets) is BY FAR the biggest problem. Lets give the netter's better options and ensure the wild fish get into the streams.

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