Saturday, August 28, 2010

Salmon Fishing at the Mouth of the Columbia

A friend took us out fishing at the Astoria Bridge.

This is always a good time. Lately, the fishing has been tough out there - in fact herring haven't been catching much, so we decided not to even take it.

Just spinner fishing. Within 5 minutes of dropping our lines, we had FISH-ON!

The day turned out sunny but windy.

A great time, the boys kicked back and were quick to jump when the rod started dancing...

We put alot of time into trolling - all above the bridge.

Most of the crowds left just as the high tide was slacking.

We got 2 nice silvers into the boat, and let a third Wild fish go.

After slack tide, the fishing was much slower. We had a few take-downs, and got a nice Chinook to the boat but it spit the hook!

When the sun is warm and the fishing slow, even diamond-plate looks comfortable!

He had one heck of a face-rash when he woke up!

There was bait everywhere! The pelicans were fun to watch feeding, and we watched bait jumping all around all day long.

We regularly hooked anchovies while trolling, and could see our line hitting the fish often.

Oops, now you've seen one of the 'hot' spinners of the day! After boating 3 fish, one of the boys got to name it. This one is now "Mega".

Here's a nice shot of Saddle Mtn above the bridge.

The pelicans were waiting to greet us as we motored into Chinook, WA.

It is a pretty little port, but not a very big launch.

These huge gray pelicans were dive-bombing bait all day. Incredible to watch a big animal like this hover, point, then plunge into water from 30 feet up!

Fishing was tough and the slowest we've ever seen, but we still had a great day. 9 Take-downs, 3 netted fish, 2 lost at the boat, and only 1 was wild.

And we only had to touch bait to take it OFF our hooks! Fun.