Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here They Come!

Word got out that there have been a few fish caught in Longview... and by the looks of the hoglines, alof of folks have heard the news.

We went out this week and setup camp. We camp out every year to avoid the boat launch, and for some good fishing.

We picked a great spot for this year, and got the tent up.

For the rest of the evening it was perfect for playing in the sand.

We visited our neighbors and waited for the tide to finish so the current would start running.

Nice, easy days ahead!

Someone brought fat-free pretzles... and they lived up to their name.

We found a better use - ring-toss!

Ring-toss proved too difficult, so we added a few more sticks!

Finally, the river started to run again. Lets go!

We sat on anchor for an hour or so, while everyone else around us was hooking fish!

Here is a nice one our neighbors got.

And here's another nice one our neighbors got!

A bunch of dumb fish pushed through, and our friends limited out fast.

They were great to give us their spot - we pulled our anchor and tied up to theirs...

... and soon another dumb fish came by! Fish-on!

We got a FAT 30 lbs chinook in the boat.

This fish really had some shoulders - it was a long and difficult fight!

Look at the width on this bad boy. Err, it was a girl. No wonder it put up such a fight.

Here's some of the video...

We hated to leave, but when the sky lit up, we pulled the boat out.

We'll be back soon, and make good use of that camp.

We weren't too sad to leave - fresh corn, watermelon, and fried sturgeon was waiting!

Fall Fishing - its hear already! Stay tuned for some more great times in the Pacific NorthWest...