Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hitting the LONG Beach

We had a great weekend in Longbeach, WA for a family reunion.

Alot of fun, alot of beach!

The weather was awesome! Hot and even sunny at the water! How often is that going to happen in the Pacific NW?

We took a drive around Willapa Bay and saw the site of one of the area's old pioneers - James G Swan.

His original place was at the mouth of the Bone River.

Didn't find any bones, but alot of mud and oysters...

We took alot of bikes, and had a great time riding everywhere.

The breeze kept the heat at bay. You can see the fog and ocean spray kicking up a fog bank early in the day...

We did alot of go-cart racing.

Even the little kids got in on the action.

The only real complaint everyone had was the stickers! These bad boys were everywhere, and seemed to grab anyone and everyone.

Even the dogs had troubles.

The sunsets and evenings were beautiful.

The sun was hot enough on Saturday that we did some serious body-surfing!

The water was COLD, but the waves and current were perfect and we hit it hard.

The little kids enjoyed the water, too.

The bakery in LB was a family favorite - they've been talking about "Texas Donuts" since 2008 when we were last there.

Good thing we got a quick picture - they were gone in a New York minute!

The bigger go-carts were fast (most of them!) and a big hit of the trip.

Later in the afternoon, the fog and ocean air cooled off and started to block out the sun - typical in the Pacific NW!

We stopped and visited Captain Clark several times.

Another highlight was building a fire on the beach and listening to Grandpa tell stories.
The fire was hot, the breeze cold, and it all ended too soon.
It was a great trip where everything went just right.