Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kayaking in Scappoose Bay

The nice weather lately chased us out to the water again.

Fishing has been slower for us, so we spent an afternoon kayaking instead.

The boys did well, and liked the kayaks better than canoes.

We checked out the usual spots...

The water levels in the bay have dropped about 5' from last visit, so we were able to do some beach combing and exploring this trip.

Lots of debris floated up in the woods from high water all winter.

The weather was gorgeous.

Besides beachcombing, we also followed several of the side-channels up deeper into the woods.

Reminded us alot of "swamp people", but we didn't see no gators.

Caught some big snakes, though.

Found lots of old iron in old log floats washed up.

Sure enough, most of it was forgotten out in the yard by the next day.

A fun day - and definitely recommended for a great afternoon adventure in the Pacific NW.